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Winter Tractor Storage and Operation Tips

The harsh, relentless, cold winter weather is right around the corner.

Have no fear though. We have proven tips to help you keep your tractor running great and stored properly in these brutal conditions.


Whether you have a diesel or a gasoline-powered tractor engine --- the storage procedures are similar, with minor differences.

While diesel engines are tough and reliable, they still require some general maintenance before parking for extended periods of time, especially in the cold winter months.

Here are some tips for proper storage

  • Park in a temperature-controlled environment or use cover.

  • Drain fuel from the tank and carburetor.

  • Disconnect and store the battery in a dry, temperature-controlled location.

  • Release the clutch.

  • Lower hitch.

  • Remove the wheels and store on blocks.

  • Clean the tractor thoroughly.

  • Grease all moving parts.

  • Top off and/or change fluids.

  • Clean the air filters.

  • Tune the engine.

  • Replace spark plugs (gasoline engines).

  • Complete general maintenance (repair parts such as cracked light bulbs, fraying belts, leaky hoses, etc.)

  • Add a fuel stabilizer to your gas OR drain your gas from the tank and carburetor (gasoline engines).


Here are some operating tips

  • Utilize an electric block heater. (You will either screw it directly into the block or clamp it in line to a radiator hose. Always make sure to plug the block heater in a few hours before you plan on using your tractor.)

  • Drape an insulated blanket over the hood. (This will help you warm your engine. It traps in the heat while blocking out any wind.)

  • Switch to a lighter motor oil. (Provides the engine less resistance which allows the engine to spin over faster during startup. Your owner’s manual will have suggestions for cold weather oil.)

  • Keep the battery fully charged.

  • Never use ether. (Causes permanent engine damage.)

  • Crank the starter no longer than 15 seconds. (Wait at least two minutes between extended starting attempts. This will give the starter and battery cables time to cool.)

  • Once your tractor starts, wait a couple of minutes before you rev it up. (Let the engine idle to properly warm the oil. This will ensure that all the lubricated parts, including the turbo, are sufficiently lubricated.)

If you need any further help or have any questions about storage, tractors, or anything else, please contact your dealer, local mechanic, or call us at 602-734-9944. Please ask about our current new and used tractor supply.

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