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Kioti Tractor Store Payments Methods and More. Most major credit cards are accepted. 

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Orders accepted via secure online order form only. Most major credit cards are accepted. Credit card purchases verified for your protection.

Backorders: If an item is back ordered, we will notify you via e-mail. Shipments scheduled more than 30 days after the order date: We will notify you via email and give you a cancellation option. Filling backorders: Backorders will be filled before new orders when the back ordered items become available. We guarantee your order's privacy and security over the web, with all transactions utilizing an SSL secure server connection. 

We will not sell or disclose customer information to third parties under any circumstances except where required by law.
Individual product descriptions are claims of the manufacturer and/or distributor and are not guaranteed accurate. Prices subject to change without notice. Mistakenly posted prices, photos, incorrect descriptions and/or options on our (or any) website or advertisement do not obligate us to those incorrect items.

FOR CREDIT CARD, CHECK, AND FINANCE BUYERS - PLEASE READ: The purchaser guarantees performance of the financial provisions of this sale and further unconditionally guaranty’s payment in full to Team Tractor & Equipment Corp. Being the authorized cardholder and or agent of the authorized cardholder, by providing us your credit and/or debit card for payment, purchaser agrees to the terms set forth in this policy, and agrees to pay, and specifically authorizes the charge to my credit card, bank account, or any other method of payment for goods and services. Purchaser further agrees that in the event purchasers credit card becomes invalid and/or check is no honored at any time, that purchaser will provide a new valid credit card, check, or other form of payment acceptable to the Seller (it its sole discretion) upon request or provide payment by immediately available guaranteed funds by other means for the payment of any outstanding balances to Seller.

Kioti Tractor Store reserves the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason, or no reason at all.

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