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KIOTI'S Unlimited Hour Six-Year Powertrain Warranty. Special Finance Offers. Find Your Local Dealer. Join the Pack. Services: Industry Leading Warranty, Heroes Reward Discount, Tractors & Implements.




















When you buy a KIOTI tractor or UTV, you can be confident that you have one of the best-built machines in the field. And you can be even more confident knowing your purchase is backed by the industry-leading KIOTI Warranty.

Now, for a limited time, eligible units purchased will receive a total of 6 years (72 months) extended powertrain warranty coverage. This extends KIOTI’s already industry-leading warranty for an additional 2 years*. To learn more, Click Here.

Warranty repairs must be obtained at an Authorized KIOTI dealership and require proof of purchase.


KIOTI General Warranty















Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty covers nearly every component of a new KIOTI tractor or UTV. General Warranty— The KIOTI general warranty applies to new KIOTI tractors, UTVs, and attachments purchased on or after 12/16/2013.


The warranty period begins on the date of purchase and is activated by receipt of an executed Warranty Agreement.

*Tractors for rental and commercial use have 24 months or 1500 hours coverage for parts & labor.

KIOTI Powertrain Warranty


Up to 4-year Warranty for Engine and Drive Line coverage on all KIOTI tractors. The KIOTI powertrain warranty applies to new KIOTI tractors and UTVs purchased on or after 12/16/2013. The KIOTI Powertrain Warranty runs concurrently with the KIOTI General Warranty.

Products                                                                     Terms of Warranty                                       Coverage

Tractor Engine and Drive Line*                                    48 months                                                Parts & Labor

UTV Engine and Drive Line                                          18 months or 1000 hours                       Parts & Labor

*Tractors for rental and commercial use have 36 months or 2000 hours coverage for parts & labor. More information about KIOTI Warranty and Service can be found HERE

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