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Planning to Build a Fence? Call 811 first...

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Are you planning auguring or post hole digging including tree & shrub planting today? Or maybe you decided to clean ditch or some waterway construction? Removing trees or stumps or maybe deep tilling or sub-soiling in your future plans? Building fence? Then you definitely need to call 811 a couple days ahead!

Why? First. Because there are many things underground that you may not be aware of. Second, but probably the most important. Your life matters. And the last one. We assume your neighbors would like to watch TV tonight or cook dinner. So they would, probably, need some electricity and/or gas in their homes. This is why - you need to CALL 811 before starting any work with digging holes in your yard. 

811 was set up to locate hazards and mark them on any land where you may be using your tractor to power a post hole digger, backhoe or other excavating or tillage attachment. Things such as water lines, electrical wiring, telephone lines, cable TV lines, and natural gas service pipelines may all be hidden underground.

When you call 811, one or more technicians from the involved utility companies will come out and mark the buried lines with flags or paint. Utility companies recommend not using powered equipment within 24" of the marked location.

Plan digging ahead. Your life depends on it! As well as your neighbor's comfort and calmness. Remember - there are only 3 missed meals from anarchy...

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