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Updated: Jun 28, 2019


UTV or the more common name is side by side or SxS vehicle. Great for carrying people, tools, and supplies wherever they’re needed around your property.

Even though you have a tractor already. Many property owners like you also buy a UTV to provide additional transportation to other job sites. While another person operates the tractor.

Also, you can use some implements. It gives you the power to do even more with your utility vehicle. Tilling, dragging, spreading, fencing, whatever the task, these implements will help you get it done more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Look for a rugged UTV designed with these features for use in all conditions:

  • Diesel engine proved for durability and dependability while offering improved fuel economy.

  • Hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels are designed for smooth, safe stopping.

  • Four-wheel drive has the capability to quickly switch between two-wheel and four-wheel drive, and a four-wheel drive mode with a full-locked front differential.

  • Fully independent, the long-travel suspension on all four wheels enables each wheel to respond to ruts and bumps for great traction and rider comfort.

  • A reinforced steel cargo bed is large enough to haul a full-sized pallet loaded with your supplies or gear. With the optional hydraulic dump kit. Which can help you easily place any load where you want it.

And, when the work is done, UTVs can help you spend more time enjoying your land. Whether you hunt or fish, or just want to walk in the woods, a UTV can get you there and back faster.


Rely on experts to help guide your tractor or UTV choice. Now that you’ve explored compact tractor features and are thinking about how a tractor can help you live and work on your rural property, it’s time to talk with an experienced and helpful tractor dealer. Many are landowners just like you. They grow fruits and vegetables and raise large and small animals. They have landscaping projects. They like to help their neighbor dig out after a big snowstorm. They understand what you’re trying to accomplish and use their expert knowledge to recommend, the tractor, UTV vehicle and attachments that best match your requirements.

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